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Mission Statement

by E.Treimanis

Cold water therapy ended my 5 years of depression and suicidal behaviour.

After finding online that this is not a coincidence, it was strange to see a lack of concrete data or therapy protocols personalised for anyone willing to do it.

It was a call for a safe and visible process needed for this therapy.

For something long forgotten.

As humans used to spend more time in cold discomfort than comfort, our bodies are built to expect that.

The reality is that by humankind moving forward, we have lost knowledge that comes from living in the nature.

It comes as no wonder why depression and auto-immune diseases are on the rise.

Returning a cold aspect to our lives produces incredible mental health benefits.

Nay-sayers tell us there is a tiny market for this or that someone will copy us in 2 weeks, that drinking beer is better for health or that we need to upsell you on a bath with an app (these all were real conversations with established VCs and investors).

Yet Google Trends's most searched words, statistics, number of people following cold bathing/winter swimming celebrities, and simply talking to people tells us otherwise.

Every time we meet kids at the beach who see us swim, they either want to try it or stand in awe and say: "That is so cool" (no pun intended).

There is something more to cold water therapy than just a fashionable trend.

Ok, but why measure then? 

90% of people don't know what time or temperature one can achieve the complete positive effects from cold water therapy.

Cold water is not something you can just return to on the first try. Lack of awareness of cold temperature, rewarming afterwards / hypothermia, or simply finding a group/place to do it keeps people from embracing it. 

That is why we decided to build this product openly by collecting your feedback pains and sharing our milestones, challenges and wins together. It helps us shape it into a better experience.

The vision of CEE Health goes beyond cold water therapy.

It is about creating easy-to-use tools for self-discovery to reconnect with nature and better mental health.

Today, we start here with a mission brief:

  1. Create a tracking experience for safe cold water therapy. ‍
    (Tackle mental health physically)
  2. Connect communities and users through the platform to build a science-based therapy ecosystem. 
    (Tackle mental health socially)
  3. While doing so, crowdsource this data to improve and remove obstacles from making cold water therapy a more common habit to enhance mood, battle addiction, and improve physical health + Signal governments to put more effort into cleaning water pollution worldwide. 
    (Tackle mental health environment)

Back to Nature, the only truth.

ET, EB and RA

If you feel a strong desire to support, join, invest in our mission or send us a supportive platonic love or hate letter, please reach out at mission@cee.health

CEE.Health Team

Edgars Treimanis
Rosie Arasa
Ernests Barons